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  • Pouch - Embroidery and sewing
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From the interest of the child

As an Educator and as an Artisan, all my work starts from the same point, the interest of the child. What we call toys are in fact tools for children, to understand and create the world.

They deserve the best to grow and blossom.

Happy Customers

I absolutely love my reusable face pads which I have in 2 beautiful fabrics. I use them all the time and can't believe how much cotton wool I used to go through before. They're easy to clean and look so pretty on the bathroom shelf ??. With the added bonus that they're environmentally friendly too, I would definitely recommend!


if your looking for a gift or product that's eco friendly, made to a high standard, been beautifully crafted with alot of love. Mathilde at Dragons Are Real is who you want!

(p.s. get a dragon because everyone needs a dragon in their lives!)


I couldn't resist this little one! I love that he came with a card letting me know a bit about him, such a fun and whimsical addition.


A beautiful basket which can be used for lots of things, I am currently storing my sewing threads in it. I am really pleased with it, well packaged and quick delivery. Thank you!


Produit parfaitement emballé et protégé pendant le transport. Emballage soigné et raffiné. 
Le panier est superbe avec son fil doré. Les finitions sont parfaites.
Aussitôt déballé, il a trouvé sa place chez nous. 
Merci beaucoup !