A new story for my baskets.


I am finishing this year with a last custom order. In September, during the Artisan Fair with Open Studios Hebrides I met regular customers and new people. Among them, a lady discovered my work and was really interested to offer a mini blackbird basket to her daughter-in-law. This project is very special because her daughter-in-law is blind, she can only sense some colours, the best one being purple.

This project was a good experience to work on with a new approach. I am very sensitive to the shapes, textures and colours I use and create to produce an object. But this sensitivity is about how I see them with my eyes mainly. I barely use my other senses.

And here I meet this person who tell me that it could be a very interesting gift for a non sighted person ! I was immediately seduced by the idea.

purple cord and batik wallpaper in the background

I worked this mini blackbird basket with my hand, especially to choose the driftwood. I made a selection of 4 and passed them again and again between my fingers to feel them and make my choice.

curved driftwood like an archway

detail of a straight piece of driftwood

detail of a piece of driftwood

The rope is firm under my fingers, there is a succession of curved edges and wavy lines. The smoothness of the driftwood is sometime interrupted by bumps. The ends are slightly rough.

purple cord and batik wallpaper in the background

purple cord and batik wallpaper in the background

I now understand that my work is not only visual but also tactile. I had sensed it in a way because you ask me, when I meet you directly, if you can touch them, and you are always surprised of the robustness of the baskets and automatically you hold them with your 2 hands, whatever their size, you appreciate this sensation. This custom order lead me to pay more attention to this tactile aspect and I want to completely include it in my creative process.

basket made of purple rope and a piece of driftwood for the handle.

basket made of purple rope with a piece of driftwood for the handle.

I have already say it in previous articles but I will repeat it: you, the clients, visitors, supporters are part of my work and for this I want to thank you all.

Take Care,


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