Logbook January


A new year with new designs, new projects and this is in part because of the success of 2023 that has been so encouraging. Here is a short logbook to tell you what’s happening behind the scenes during this winter, a more quiet time…. In appearance.

What’s Happening in the studio ? 

While I am writing these lines I have completed 3 new baskets designs and about 6 others are in progress. 

basket made of white and green cotton rope

I am finally sparing time for embroidery projects and I have a first exhibition in mind, I am going to speak about all of this in a next article. 

All of this takes time and even more with the winter weather we are going through here in the Outer Hebrides. Days are still short and cold. We had a beautiful snowy week but it also means everything is slowed down for safety. The white scenic landscape disappeared blown away by the storm Isha and immediately followed by Amber. This constant wind and rain hitting the house is tiring. It is a loud, continuous and restless noise around us. Then once it passed, check the house and the garden for potential damage. 

There is nothing unusual here, we call it winter. I must admit my energy is dampened a bit and I work slowly but surely. 

Practical information

The online shop looks a bit empty but remember there is only one person making uniques pieces. Bear with me I am currently working on this to offer you soon beautiful baskets with new colours and new designs. 

From now, there is no more postage fees for the UK residents. When you order on my website, your delivery to a UK address is free. 

Finally, maybe you have noticed but the dragons and fairies disappeared from the website. The page is indefinitely turned off. It has been a great adventure and I was delighted to make each of them, imagining a name and a history. Bye bye Dragons and Fairies. 

I will be back soon with an article about the embroidery project and a first artwork to show you. 

Take Care, 



  • Hello Pili,
    Merci beaucoup pour ton soutien. Je vais présenter deux pieces brodées pour l’exposition et deux pièces faites avec de la corde.

  • Coucou Mathilde,je suis de près tous tes projets.ton expo de broderie va surement plaire.bisous d’ici.
    Ta tata.

    PIARD Pili

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