Welcome to Dragons Are Real

When I was trained to become an Early Years Educator, I quickly understood that, every time I acted for the wellbeing of the child, I must question myself : Is what I’m doing responding to the interest of the child ? It became my motto.

As an Educator and as an Artisan, all my work starts from the same point, the interest of the child. My purpose with Dragons Are real is to create and make quality material of game answering babies and young children’s needs, depending their stages of development. What we call toys are in fact tools for children, to understand and create the world. It is why I defend their right to have good quality material to play (seek, experience, try, understand) the world.

Children deserve the best to grow and blossom.

Dragons Are Real was launched in February 2020 with a store and a blog. From 2021, a new category will be added to tell you more about the child development and how to choose quality and interesting material of game and toys. You will see it is not only about purchasing but also learning to make part of this material at home by yourself. Indeed, we have a lot of unexpected resources at home and you can create a lot of material with almost no budget.

I’m looking forward to continue this adventure with you.