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Logbook January 2022 - Do Dragons Hibernate ?

Hello there, How are you doing ? I hope you are having a nice, warm and comfortable winter.

2022 started with a storm here in Stornoway. Nothing unusual but a good reminder that, despite the beginning of a new year and the end of the Christmas festivities, it is still winter.

For me January is a month to slow down, to take time to do things and not to much. I’m in a way in hibernation. If you follow me on Instagram, you may noticed that I post less.

I don’t take resolution for new years but I use this winter time to think of what I want for the following 12 months: which direction ? What do I want to learn and achieve ? What will make me happy ? What do I need ?

Those questions are imprecise but lead me in my desire of a simple and authentic life.

2021 has been a good year. And I wished to share with you some photos that remind me all that was good : the great outdoor in France and in the Outer Hebrides, our veg/flower/medicinal garden, the discovery of ancient buildings full of history, a second experience as extra in a movie.

And of course all the rainbows, deers, birds, dolphins, and colours of the magical outer Hebrides, the moments shared with family and friends.

Here was a brief article to salute the new year and say good bye to 2021. You can already find two others articles :

- A special basket for a special customer

- What happened in 2021 for Dragons Are Real ?


Mathilde & the dragons

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