What was good in 2021 for Dragons Are Real ?

And here is the end of the second year of Dragons Are Real. And thinking about it, it’s been busy and happy. A lot of new products have been created and added to the shop :

The lotus mat and the pouch ‘My first toys’. They make a beautiful birth-gift to welcome a new baby. The lotus mat is made with 100% organic fabrics and wadding and can be used for years and multi purposes as you can see HERE.

The pouch ‘My first Toys' has been designed to answer the needs of a 3 to 12 month old baby. It contains 4 toys that are essential in baby’s development. Have a look in this article to get more details.

Still in the same idea, new toys join the baby’s collection : the dragon rattle, the teething dragon and the nursing necklace. Have a look in the shop to see what is available.

Another idea of birth-gift is to combine a bib Leo with a rattle or a teething ring. They are made with 100% organic cotton. The bib are made entirely with double gauze or with double gauze and a lining of waffle fabric for better capacity of absorption.

So the baby’s range collection has been enriched with new items responding Dragons Are Real’s goal : offer quality goods for babies.

Baby’s collection is not the only collection that has grown. The accessories for home are now welcoming special baskets. As I explain it in this article on the blog, I developed a great interest for plant dyeing and I used my new skills to dye ropes and fabrics. In June I launched a special Summer Solstice collection of small baskets I dyed with plant collected locally.

As I couldn’t stop here, I also created from A to Z an embroidery and sewing kit for beginner. This kit contain remnant oforganic cotton I dyed. This kit is made to create a moment of relaxation and satisfaction by embroidering and then sewing a pouch. Every material are choosen with love and care. It required a lot of work and it’s been so satisfying to finally be able to offer you a moment of DIY with pastel, unique and authentic colours.

New accessories arrived in the online shop but had been created in 2020 for the coffee shop ‘The Blue Lobster’ in Stornoway: Coasters and placemats made with cotton rope to dress your table with an elegant and timeless touch.

Also this year I have created the game Tell Me A Story in my Once Upon a Time collection. Made with handmade wood tiles I printed one by one with stamps I drew and carved. It is a great simple game for the whole family. It encourages imagination, storytelling and developing vocabulary. And it is easy to bring it everywhere with you (ideal for long car journey for example).

Last but not least, 9 dragons joined the large family of Hebridean dragons.

Finally the year ended with the craft market in Stornoway. The first one for Dragons Are Real. But not the last one.

Of course I have new projects for this new year, but I will tell you about them another time.


Mathilde & the dragons.


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