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A Bespoke Basket

It’s the first time I speak about this today, the customised order. It is the first time because I keep the right to accept or refuse it. In 2 years, I accepted only 3 customised orders.

Indeed I keep myself the liberty to refuse or accept a customised order as I want to feel I will be able to accomplish it and not feel it as a burden. The pleasure of creating and making is essential in my work. I want people, you, my supporters, my customers to feel there is something special in what you have between your hands, in every dragon or fairy you are adopting.

This special order, this basket, was an object I wanted to see appear under my fingers. The requirement of the customer was to have an aesthetic basket for firewood to display beside the hearth of her living- room in replacement of the plastic bucket. I imagined it and thought it was a great idea. But what about the size of it ? Here was the challenge. A 40 cm diameter for a height of 30cm. My bestseller basket, the basket 47 has a diameter of 30cm for a height of 22-25cm. And it is a challenge because bigger it is, heavier it is and so harder it is to manipulate and insure the correct shape. During the making of this basket I had this last point in mind and I had to take my time and breath deeply, peacefully to create what was … a huge satisfaction ! I immediately loved the result. This basket has a perfect design. Lines are long and simple. The handles and the finishes are following a smooth movement.

Finally as I was free to choose the colours of the threads I started with a light shade of grey that I used for the ¾ of the basket and a cream white for the last bit. The grey colour is subtle and difficult to catch on the photos. It is part of the basic design I gave to it.

If you wish to purchase a similar basket, you can contact me by email and we will discuss your order. This service is open for the United Kingdom only.


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