My first toys and a Lotus

Once Upon a Time, there was a beautiful baby, their parents couldn’t dream to have a more beautiful baby. This baby was loved, and this love made them charming, smiley and happy. As with all the babies in the world, this one was very curious and liked to explore their environment. The best moment was when they were comfortably lying on their Lotus mat, grasping their little toys such as the teething ring, the little ball, the macramé ring of even better, the dragon. It was their favourite one as it had beads in the head and it was very fun to shake it !

Strong with my experience as Early Year Educator with babies in different nurseries, I am convinced about the importance of a safe and adapted play area for babies. Inspired by Emmi Pickler, I defend the principle of freedom of movement which consists of putting the baby in a place that gives them the space and the opportunity to explore their body and improve their mobility. A flat and tiny soft mat is perfect as the baby can move their legs and arms freely, the spine and the head are well supported. Also it encourages the baby to turn on their side and then their belly when they feel ready for it.

It can be difficult to choose the first toys for a baby. The offer is huge and overwhelming. In the pouch “My First Toys” I propose 4 things respondings to these criterias : lightness, simplicity, Handling abilities. If you want to know more about these criteria and toy choosing, I invite you to read this POST.

The Lotus mat is made with GOTS organic cotton made in France. For a better comfort, it is filled with 2 layers of organic cotton wadding which insure softness and insulation from the floor. The mat measure 135x83cm and weight 415gr.

The newborn pouch “My First Toys” contain:

  • 1 pouch measuring 14x14x10cm made with GOTS organic cotton made in France and upcycled linen.
  • 1 macramé ring measuring 8cm (diameter) made with cotton rope and a wooden ring.
  • 1 dragon’s wings teething ring made with GOTS organic cotton made in France and upcycled cotton or organic cotton and a wooden ring. The wooden ring measure 7cm (diameter) and the whole toy 17 cm.
  • 1 small ball crocheted with wool and filled with recycled polyester craft for toys, measuring about 7cm (diameter)
  • 1 dragon rattle made with GOTS organic cotton made in France and upcycled cotton or organic cotton, filled with 22mm round rattle and recycled polyester craft for toys, measuring 12x15x2.5cm.

To be used under adult supervision.

The Lotus mat and the pouch “My first Toys” are sold separately in the online STORE.

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