Plant Dye & Embroidery

Detail of an autumn leaf with drops of water


Autumn is here, the golden season. A lot of people love this season, for the colours, the light, the hot chocolate, and the cinnamon buns. Do you have the picture in your mind ? Well sit comfortably, today we are speaking about plant dye.

In 2019, after having followed a Herbology course at the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh, I developed an interest for the dyeing power of plants. Since, my multiple reading and tests are leading me to a direction I didn’t expect in my activity with Dragon Are Reals but a direction I am following with passion.

What I am doing with plants ?

samples of dyed fabrics in a folder

I test every pigment on old cotton or linen bed sheet. Then when I am satisfied with the colours, I dye the rope I use for my baskets. This is the beginning of a great adventure and it is where I am leading Dragons Are Real. Plant dye, rope and … embroidery.

Last year, in September, I launched my first embroidery kit. This kit is an invitation to learn, experiment, try embroidery for beginners or expert. The idea came to me that if embroidery is a relaxing and mindfulness moment for me, it can be for other persons. With Dragons Are Real I want to explore more about this aspect of my adventure : embroidery with plant dye material.

portrait of myself holding the embroidery kit

embroidery loop, instructions booklet, threads, cup of tea

In this article I wrote one year ago you can see the different works I created with my dyed fabrics. Every test is a mix of fabrics and embroidery to embellish an object from the ordinary life. This year I made a personalised blanket for a little one. I am not a quilter so I followed my instinct to create a patchwork and include the wadding to this blanket. Then, once again, for the embroidery I used a simple running stitch.

patchwork of fabrics of different colors

layers of a folded blanket

detail of the letter A embroidered with a running stitch

the name ARTHUR embroidered with a running stitch

Finally, following the kit for embroidery I wanted to give you the possibility to explore your creativity as I can do in my studio. You can now find my dyed fabrics in my online store in the category CRAFT & DIY. Bundles of naturally dyed fabrics are available. Every bundle include 20 squares of ancient cotton or linen measuring 11x11cm. Let your imagination go and reveal yourself.

edges of colorful plant dyed fabrics

4 pieces of fabrics of different natural colors

fabrics of different natural colors

Meanwhile I am going to make my imagination a reality.


Mathilde and the dragons

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