Embroidery and sewing in a Kit

I can’t remember exactly when I developed an interest in embroidery but I can remember when it became a pure and deep relaxing hobby of mine. When living in France, I followed some courses with a professional Haute Couture embroiderer. I remember this feeling to enter in a world where everything was possible, there was no limit to the creativity. Just the thought of it, I can still feel the joy I felt at this moment. Colouring mandalas, practicing yoga, walking, watching tv, doing nothing, etc… Relaxing activities are specific to each and we look forward to spare time for them. For me it is embroidery.


A simple hand stitch can slow us down and make us live within the moment’
Abigail Booth, The wild dyer


Lately, I experienced a style of embroidery that doesn’t require specific skills. Using almost exclusively the running stitch, I had pleasure to let my hands run free on the fabric without trying to draw anything in particular. The result was unexpected and beautiful. 

So then I got the idea of create a kit to share the joy and the mindfulness experience that embroidery brings me. With the beginning of the worldwide pandemic, people discovered or rediscovered the pleasure to make, to craft. They learned they are able to create with their hands. It is very satisfying to accomplish an object we made. I think it can restore the self-confidence we can sometimes lose. Craft activities remind us that we can do it and make it.

A kit is a good medium to learn a technic. More, at the end you have a finished object you can use and be proud of : “ I made it !”. With this kit, my goal is to pass on this joy that embroidery does you good. I designed the whole kit to offer you, I hope, the best experience to learn embroidery in its simplicity.

I release this kit for the autumn as I believe it is a good season to stay at home during a dreich day. Sit in your favourite place with a cup of tea and slow down, take time for yourself with this little project.

This kit is available in the shop HERE

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