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Colour, Line, Square

Dear reader, hello.

After realising the Huisinis pouches last month, you can now find a small collection of 11 Cliff pouches. They are made of a patchwork of cotton I dyed with plants. Every pouch is unique in its colours and its lines. I like when an object show some irregularities, that nothing is straight. It makes it even more natural and unique. As for my others works I like to combine the colours and to see how they interact together.

remnant of naturally dyed cotton

sewing machine and dyed fabric

patchwork of natural soft colours

When I took photos of my pouches it reminded me the work of the artist Josef Albers about colours. He researched and taught this most of his life and his major work about it is the ‘Homage To the Square’ collection that he started in 1950 until his passing in 1976. He created more than a thousand square painting. Here is a compilation of only 12 of his painting.

homage to the square , Josef Albers

homage to the square, Josef Albers

I have just ordered his book Interaction Of Color to learn more about this theory and see how I could combine my natural dyed material in future works.

4 pouches Cliff

pouches Cliff

pouches Cliff

Like the Huisinis collection, the Cliff pouches are made for a daily use, for small items, like coins, earphones, library or gym cards, earrings and small jewels... Once in your hand it is your choice of how you are going to use them. I invite you to visit the shop and browse the whole Hebridean Dye Collection. 

pouch with jewels and sunglasses

pouch with gym card and earphones

pouch with coins and pen


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