The Huisinis Pouch


In my article ‘Incubation in the creative process’ I did a brief presentation of the new collection of pouches I made lately.

When I dye with a new plant, I always try it first on cotton fabric. To discover the colour and if it is going to last (I practice a light test to see if the colour fade after 1 week under direct natural light exposure). Once it passed the test I make project with them. In September 2021, I include them in an Embroidery and Sewing Kit I created for beginners (available here).

embroidery kit

Last year I made a quilted blanket for my nephew.

layers of a folded blanket

This year I am making pouches for you. Combining the colours have been a great source of joy for me. There is many possibilities and I had to restrain myself to not keep them all.

samples of natural dyed fabrics

samples of natural dyed fabrics

samples of natural dyed fabrics

Outside they are made with natural dyed cotton. On the front side, 3 designs are available. On the back side, only one colour. Inside I used my favourite fabric I am using since the beginning of Dragons Are Real: the 100 year old linen ! There isn’t the usual label outside but a unique stamped and hand written identification inside.

hand writing on fabric

inside of the pouch

The design and size are thought to be a handy and multipurpose pouch: big enough for pencils and a little notebook. To keep make up with you, to carry tablets, pads, tissue wherever you go. Small enough to be held in one hand, to be kept in a handbag, in a drawer, in a box. 

It measures 21x15 cm and it is closed with a zip.

pouch with pens

notebook in a pouch



These pouches are now available in the collection “The Hebridean Dye

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