An unexpected year – Take stock of 2022

Life, in general, is not a long quiet river. Trying to make a living with art and craft is more like canyoning ! It is a rollercoaster of emotions, a combination (or a competition ?) between sense and sensibility. It is exhausting but I would never go back to my previous life. Because there is something incomparable, terrific and marvellous. It is the chance to observe the world with a new eye everyday. And this year has been exactly like this :

  • I planned to pass the tests and obtain the UKCA certification.
  • I planned to contact toys shop on the mainland to find sellers and stockists.
  • I planned to develop toys made of wood.
  • I didn’t apply for the test ( you can read the reason here ).
  • In consequences I didn’t contact toys shop
  • I didn’t develop the woodwork.
  • I doubted
  • I made difficult choices
  • I have been frustrated
  • I did 27 days of Market
  • I took part of the Open Studio Hebrides 2022
  • I extended my space in the shop Empty House Traders in Stornoway
  • I met and chatted with so much lovely people
  • I learned to trust myself ( a permanent work-in-progress)
  • I made new friends
  • I have been inspired
  • I opened my creativity to a new exciting path.
  • I made exciting choices

Portrait of me along the road

Dragons Are Real is making me happy and I wish to share this beautiful energy with all of you. Embark with me in 2023, the adventure continues !




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