Logbook September 2022 - Big news - Big changes


Here is finally a logbook I wanted to write for months. It is September now and the year has been so different with what I planned. Today I am writing about my expectations for 2022 for Dragons Are Real, what actually happened and what I am doing now. Take a cup of tea, sit comfortably and be ready for the news.

Me drinking a cup of tea in my garden

It is 2 years and 9 months now I am running Dragons Are Real with a great joy, I love this job. When I created it I had in mind to focus on making toys and accessories for babies and toddlers. That is how dragons, fairies, rattles and other goods arrived from my imagination through the sewing machine to your hands.

For 2022 I had the goal to obtain the UKCA certification to propose my toys in shops in UK. To obtain this certification you must send 3 copies of a same product to a laboratory where they will proceed at a series of tests (fire, chemical, swallow hazard). Once the tests are done and they are satisfied, you obtain this certification. The test is valid only for the components that have been tested. This means that a test on one of my dragons would be valid only on this exact make up of dragon, not the others. A test for one product costs about £700. So it would mean for me to maker a minimum of 700 copy of the same dragon to cover the costs of the test. At this moment of the reading you guess where is it going…

me and 4 of my dragons

I am an artisan, I love creating and making beautiful objects and items. I also want to make a living with this job. For this I need to have visibility outside the Outer Hebrides, to show my products in many places.

It was late spring when I took the decision to stop to make toys and products for children and focus on the accessories for Home. In the same time, the Craft Fair season started and it has been a fantastic experience. Along with the Open Studio Hebrides, I exhibited and presented my work to the public for a total of 25 days during the summer seasons ( 2 others weekends are coming this month). The craft fair is ideal to meet people and speak about my products, how I work and to chat with all of you. It is also a good place to learn about the job of seller, observe what customers like, what interest them or not.

craft fair table

I have a large choice of products for many reasons. As I said it above, I have 1000s of ideas and there is so much I would like to explore. Also, Dragons Are Real is very young and the first years are here to try. This first season of Craft Fairs have been very rewarding for this. I know now what is working and I am quite happy to see that it is what I want to develop.

We are in September, 2 weekends of Craft Fair are still on the agenda, then there will be a break until November for the Christmas season. This doesn’t mean a break for me. I am currently restocking my online shop for Autumn and Christmas. ( Yes I know it is early but for the makers and all the suppliers we are working on it now if we want to be ready in 3 months.). But I am also getting ready for a big event in January. I decided to apply for the Scotland Trade Fair in Glasgow and my main products will be the baskets. Dragons Are Reals is taking a new direction for 2023. I am not making anymore toys and I am heading my activity for baskets, plant dye and embroidery.


Here is the big news. I am not saying there won’t be anymore dragons, I don’t know yet. But I won’t make anymore fairy dolls, rattles and teething rings. Part of the accessories for home will also stop, others will be still available and produced. More information will arrive in the following weeks. Also I will probably sale a big part of my Fabric stocks so stay in touch for the news.

Dragons and baby toys

5 fairies

It was a long thought during these months to take this decision, listening my sense and my sensibility. It is done now, I am happy I finally shared it with you who are supporting me from the beginning.

I am now going to a new adventure. I am terrified and excited, It makes me slightly dizzy yes but this feeling is acting as a driving force. 

me in my studio making baskets

I wish you all the best for this week and I will be back soon for a new logbook.





  • Wishing you all the best with your new direction and good luck at the trade show 🤞🤞🤞

  • All the best with your new direction. A business needs to evolve and you are wise to test the market and check what sells and what is unique to you. Your work is great and such a high standard – good luck at the trade fair🤞🤞😊

    Gill Thompson

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