A Blackbird for a Customer

Hello dear reader,

While I am writing this article, it is Monday morning and I am back from an annual leave that was necessary and beneficial to renew energy and refuel myself.

In September I have finally introduced this special collection I named A Sinuous Dance. A collection where I explore the movement combining rope and driftwood.

In august, one of my customer made a special order for a mini blackbird item, with a contrasting thread on a white rope. Also she asked for a curly, wavy piece of driftwood, not too long. I had great fun to create this because I immediately understood it will be a brillant piece to make and to look at once done.

detail of a basket with driftwood

detail of a basket with driftwood

The whole basket

I must say I am very satisfied with the result and it inspired me other combinations of colour:

Gold thread on black rope

detail gold and black basket

detail black and gold basket

Vieux Rose on black rope. This one is on sale in my online shop here.

rose and black basket

detail rose and black basket

basket black and rose with driftwood

I have enough material now to continue this exploration and offer you more to see in the following months.

In the next article I will speak about a new plant I tried to dye with in August.

Take Care,


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