A Sinuous Dance

My artwork is a combination of my home and my creativity. It is a way to catch details of what I can sense and include them in a chosen medium: textiles.

Making a basket with rope is a process that brings me satisfaction. Shaping it reminds me of a potter turning the clay to make a pot. The same circular lines appear, the hands position are very accurate, the handiwork is fully controlled. Every basket I make is unique.

The shape of a basket is providing the same sensation of hold in. It is like a nest, a cocoon, a safe and comforting container.

basket made of driftwood and cord

basket made of driftwood and cord

basket made of driftwood and cord

In autumn 2022, I combined the rope with the driftwood I collected here and there since I settled in Scotland.

Cord and wood are becoming one, dancing with each other, encompassing each other.

basket made of driftwood and cord

portrait of me holding a basket

For a while I kept the secret from here and exhibited this collection only to real eyes. First to galleries on the mainland, where they have been available since June this year.

In July and August, for the second year, I took part of the Open Studios Hebrides and launched them to the visitors. They engage curiosity and interest. They are also a medium to speak with you about my work and my journey.

So far, they received a very warm welcome and I am now ready to show them here and make some available on my online store.

2 baskets

basket made of driftwood and cord


The series of photos in this article are from my friend Ralph Tonge

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