The Timeless Garland

Once upon a time there was a girl who liked to decorate her home. It was very important to make her cocoon the most comfortable place on the earth. When Christmas was coming she was delighted to hang some decorations and to be immersed in the warm ambiance. But once the festivities were passed it was always sad for her to remove them all. Thats why one year she decided to use decorations for Christmas and decorations for winter. Then, once Christmas was finished she could still enjoy this special atmosphere… So, she thought, if she liked this idea, why not other people?

What do you think to have decorations you can use for your Christmas tree but also to decorate your home whenever you want along the year ? Why use garland only for December when you like them and they make you smile ?

I am very happy to present the timeless paper garland ! You can use it wherever and whenever you like.
And now you know me well, you know I like to use and reuse sustainable and good quality material, my garland are sewn with paper coming from magazines, old books or paper bought in my local hobby shop here at Stornoway.

Every garland is sold with a handmade paper box. The garlands are available at the Empty House Trader at Stornoway and at the Blue Pig Studio at Carloway, both on the Isle of Lewis.

Enjoy your home, Take care


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