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The importance of a label


The labels of Dragons Are Real are an adventure by themselves. It is this subtile detail you can’t neglect. In barely 3 years they changed many times in their design and material.

A necessary time for me to improve my visual identity, to be happy with it. I like to give a sense of all what I am doing, in a way, to give a soul.

Currently I have 2 types of label. The ones made by a company and that I use for my fabrics accessories. The design of the label changed once. The first ones, when I launched Dragons Are Real, were used on all my products. The second one is bigger but more aesthetic and can includes my name AND my logo.

labels type 1 and 2

labels type 1

labels type 2

But today I will speak about the labels I use for my baskets. They are handmade in my studio and reflect the care I have to make myself as much as I can.

I drew and carved my logo on a lino printing block back in 2020. In January I decided to make it again, with the same logo of course but with a rubber softer block this time which is easier for me to carve.

rubber carved

This stamp is printed on remnant of fabrics that I dyed with plants. One by one there will be cut. One round for the inside of the basket, one blank round for the outside. On the blank one I write by hand “Dragons Are Real by Mathilde” and a unique number I keep on a list with the date it was made.

stamp printed on fabric

cutting process

cutting process

finished label

It is important to me to show you how does it work in my studio to offer you an immersion in an authentic way of work and a personalised experience. It is not just about the object, the product but about its story and that it is evolving and made with time and reflexion.

If you have one of my baskets, let me know in the comments how the label looks in it.



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  • Fabrication sérieuse même dans les petits détails !

    Anne Piard

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