The gift that last all year : Fairies of Flowers


I hope you liked the new photos with the dragons posted here and there. In the fantastic world of Dragons Are Real, there is also ... Fairies. Because, of course, fairies are real too. Fairies are not all the same and today I show you the ones who live among flowers... 

Anagallis the Fairy 

fairy doll fairy doll


Fairies of Flowers are so light you can barely suspect their presence. Sometimes, when the sky is clear and there isn’t a touch of wind, you can see the flowers move as if there was a breeze. It is probably the passage of a fairy, but when you realise it… its too late. We call it the fairy imprint.

Orchis the Fairy 

fairy doll fairy doll fairy doll


You have noticed that the absence of wind in Scotland is as good as a legend ! No one would trust you if you said you saw a fairy imprint in flowers ! However, stay confident about what you saw, it is real !

Pensée the Fairy

fairy doll fairy doll fairy doll


Every fairy is made with love and some of the assembly is sew by hand. The body and the hood are made from upcyled or organic cotton. The lace around the head and the neck is upcyled. Wings, hands and face are made with old linen sheet. Eyes and mouth are embroided by hand with DMC cotton thread. The fairy is filled with natural wool.

Myosotis the Fairy 

fairy doll fairy doll fairy doll 

These fairies will make a perfect companion for someone who loves to live imaginary adventures whatever their age. And a little reminder, there is a -20% discount on the price. 


Mathilde & the dragons 

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