The Fantastic Figurines

Part 2 …
….Once Upon a time there was a woman who loved to travel in wonderland. As a little girl she spent days and days to create stories and play with her dolls and figurines and make them houses and gardens. She imagined great adventures for them involving magical powers and time travel. She imagined their friendships and their passions, how they looked like, etc… Of course she was influenced by fairy tales, stories and cartoons.

The little girl grew up and she still likes create and imagine. However its not for herself now but for children.

Indeed, with Dragons Are Real I combine my passion for creation in one hand and child development in the other hand.

For children, creation and imagination are a good way to explore and build their mind. It doesn’t matter if their stories seem real or not. The point is to have the possibility to create or to make. Their imagination helps them to find solutions and to understand what direction take to reach their goal.

By creating these figurine sets, I want to offer some pretty and simple characters. Indeed the details are basic, like this they don’t influence the child in a specific way.

Inspired by Maria Montessori and with my past experience as Educator, I defend the importance to offer beautiful and quality material of game to children. This way, we give them a better chance to explore and develop all their potential.

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