Teething Rings

Once upon a time, there was a girl fascinated by babies and toddlers abilities. After almost ten years working in different nurseries she realised she learned more from the children than what she taught them. Yes, very young human beings have this power. With all her experiences and adventures she could offer the best game equipment for babies and toddlers. She thought about one of the first things a baby will play with during those first months…

This object is called a teething ring used during the very painful moment that baby experiences when their first teeth are coming through. During this period, they chew all what they can find and salivate a lot. It’s natural for us to offer things for the baby to bite so they can relieve the pain. But, the purposes of the teething ring are beyond the pain growing teeth.

Indeed, we offer the teething ring from 3 month old or around, when baby is able to hold an object and follow it with their sight.

Go back in past to explore baby’s development:

So this teething ring offers the baby the possibility to:

  • practice their voluntary prehension
  • explore materials: wood, linen, coton
  • explore textures: smooth, soft
  • explore volumes: rounded, curved

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