Reusable pads

Once upon a time there was a girl very concerned about environment. She was scared about all the waste she could produce in her daily life, such as the packaging for everything she bought (food, beauty products, etc). She decided to change her habits, produce less waste (maybe zero waste) and act to preserve nature.

One of her first ideas was to move on from the cotton pads she used to clean her face and remove make up. Every day she used (and then binned) 2 or 3 of them. Every month she bought a new pack and so on and so forth. In one year she used and threw away 900 cotton disc! It had to stop.

She was sure there was a sustainable solution to her issue. She came across an idea on the internet and decided to make her own reusable pads.

Made with flannel and poplin, the reusable pads are used just like the disposable cotton pads, but you don’t throw it away. After using put it in the laundry basket wash it in your machine. You don’t need to buy disposable pads anymore. Instead, just reuse again and again.


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