Open Studio Hebrides


For the Second time, I take part in the summer event : Open Studio Hebrides. 

Created in 2021 by Gill Thompson, in only 3 years it reached a wonderful and supportive community of artists and artisan living on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. 

This movement can be found in other part of the United Kingdom and also in France (maybe somewhere else but I do not have more information). It is organized to support and give a wider visibilities to the artists and artisan in a local place. 

In less than 3 years, Open Studio Hebrides gathered more than 40 peoples around the Isle of Lewis. During 2 weekends in summer, we open our studios, ateliers, workshops to the public to offer an insight view of our lives as creators and makers. Despite the great view and light I get in my studio, it is not easily accessible to the public. So for some of us not having the possibility (yet) to open our den, we share a venue and bring material to work there. 

I had my first go last year and I met lovely people who became friends. We support each other in our private and professional lives, we share our skills and experience when in all what that involve to be an artist, try to make a living with it, find our public and assert ourself as artist. It is a true richness to be part of this art community. 

This summer, the Open Studio Hebrides will take place the 27th-28th-29th July and the 3rd-4th-5th August, a bit everywhere on Lewis. 

As I wrote it before I am not able to open my studio but I will share a venue with the photographer and painter Ed Lewis and the mix media artist Dotty Rennox. We will welcome you in the Educational room in the Lews Museum, by the Castle, in Stornoway. Surrounded by the Castle Ground, the café and wonderful museum, it is an ideal environment to welcome you and present our work. 

The Open Studio Hebrides it is also:

  • a Stornoway Art Walk that takes place throughout July and August featuring our artists and makers in shop windows around town;
  • the Free Art Friday, preceding the first weekend, maybe you could find a little parcel labelled Free Art Friday somewhere on the Isle of Lewis. Artists and makers are displaying here and there a little something they made and could be yours if you are lucky enough to find it. 

Leaflets and maps are available a bit everywhere around the island. You can also find all the informations on the website Open Studio Hebrides. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me I will answer with pleasure. 

map and leaflet


list artists


I hope to see you there, Take care, 


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