Once upon a time was a dragon ...

I know, you probably think I already told you about this story. And you are not completely wrong, we are speaking about dragons today but this is a new chapter.

So much more dragons were born this last 2 years. Of all colours, few ones fluffy, made with beloved fabrics with an old story or with brand new organic cotton of the best quality. Filled with love. What a wonderful family, but this story doesn’t end here. Indeed these dragons were mature enough to give space for new sibling: the mini dragons !

2022 started with cold winds and strong storms beating the Outer Hebrides again and again. The dragon lady woke up from her hibernation with the firm intention to finally create the one she had in mind for such a long time ! It was time to think of the spring and its promise of long bright days and blooming trees and gardens. The workshop was ready, the sewing machine was hopping up and down with impatience. Scissors were almost jumping out of the drawers. After many tests, measurements, cutting, calculations and prototypes, not one but 2 mini dragons were born. They arrived with the first signs of spring, with the snowdrops which overtake the long lasting winter. 

What a beautiful dragon. Its design is thought to be easily grabbed by baby’s little hands. Lighter, smaller but still lovable and soft. Mini dragon will be a good first companion for babies. The body is filled with recycled polyester craft filling for toys and with a rattle. Babies have good ears and are sensitive to all noises. This rattle is soft and light, just right for young ears.

I invite you to visit the shop to discover the mini dragons. 

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