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Low Waste Cushion

Last year, in June, I challenged myself to upcycle the leftovers of my general sewing. Among them were what I call my sewing waste: fabrics and threads left once an item is done. For more than one year I kept these wastes thinking it could be useful and also to reduce the quantity i throw away in the rubbish bin. Indeed they are more leftovers than wastes.

I quickly got the idea to use them as cushion filling. But the months ran by and by the end of the summer 2021 I hadn’t achieved my challenge. Last winter, as I was slowing done during the dark season, I made some prototypes of these cushions and for many months now I am using them in my living room on my sofas and chairs. They are comfortable not too hard but not too soft. What I observed is that they keep a thick texture. The cushions I had in my homes over the years become quickly flat and unshaped, lying sadly on the sofa. This new filling is much better.

To obtain the right stuffing, I proceed in 2 steps.

First I chopped the big pieces of fabrics and wool that are too big. Then I combine these sewing waste with recycled polyester filling ( the same that I use for the dragons ).

My cushion are heavier than classic ones, but they make my living room more welcoming and of course more comfortable.

The cushions of this first collection are measuring 50x50cm and the thickness reaches about 18cm.

They are now available in my online store in the category Accessories For Home.


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