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Logbook May 2021

Hello, hello !

5 months without posting any logbook ! Oops !

How are you doing ? Spring is here again, its a good season to start a new project. I feel inspired all along the year but I have a real energy to discover ideas from now, with spring and everything being reborn again. Buds on trees, flowers, bees, butterflies … Ah this freshness is widely welcomed.

Even though I haven’t been posting any log updates, I kept myself busy with first the big work on the website. As you have probably noticed, it is a new design and now I have my own online shop. I’m no more dependent of Etsy. The navigation is adapted to any devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) and the links between the shop and the posts are shorter. Well I am very happy of this new place for all of us.

In February we celebrated the first anniversary of Dragons Are Real ! For this I organised a giveaway to win Hagen the Dragon who has been adopted with a lot of love. The giveaway was open to UK and Europe, thinking he would travel to meet his new family. Well, he lives here on the Isle of Lewis !



Since, I managed to share my time between Dragons Are Real, my new job in a Childcare Centre and the garden. This year we are creating a 25 m² vegetable garden and an aromatic spiral for medicinal and culinary herbs. Everything is to build and it is very exciting. The conservatory looks like more a plant nursery right now. I sown all our plant and it is magic to see these tiny seeds becoming those beautiful leaves and flowers. I am looking forward to see our garden transformed and rich of all these plants, colours and fragrances. Reading the previous logbooks, I always write a paragraph about the garden (maybe it bothers you and I am sorry for this). Probably because it is in my thought everyday and it brings me so much joy. It makes me happy to be able to grow my own food, to discover all the process. Do you know I speak to my plants everyday and I encourage them to be strong and beautiful, to give flowers or new leaves, or to grow taller and bigger. Yes, I am this kind of person. But is it surprising from me ? Come on !


So, gardening during spring is big part of our time, yes. Luckily I have still time for my baby - Dragons Are Real. It is going well. Have you seen all what is new this year ?


The lotus mat and the pouch “My First Toys” 



The dragon rattle 



The game Tell Me a Story 



The bib Leo ( coming 30th may)  



The wooden teething dragon (coming 28th May) 


Also, I launched a new category this year. On the blog you can read some more articles about child development. These articles are intended to accompany parents/carers on the themes of playing with babies and young children. 2 of them are available for now ‘Baby’s toys The first year’ and ‘some ways to play with your baby’. The next will be about how to organise and display the toys to create an adapted environment for your baby.

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Mathilde and the dragons.

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