Logbook - June 2024

Hello , 

What happened during the last 4 months ? 

It looks like I disappeared from here. Well I haven't written about it yet but I have been busy. So busy that I forgot to tell you and to write articles. I think it’s never too late so we will start with: 


Like in January I was busy making baskets to update the shops and new colours arrived among the new designs : gold, saffran, terracotta, blue, grey, sage. 

It was also a period of dyeing for the first batch of Tolsta bowls this year. 


I had just enough time to make 30 Tolsta bowls with the dyed rope for the spring journey to the mainland to visit the galleries and renew our partnerships. Half of my stock as been dispatched between: Lael gallery in Lochbroom, The Alchemist in Dingwall, Gallery 48 in Cromarty and Artisan And in Aberfeldy. Once again it has been an intense but also refreshing trip. It is always a pleasure to visit beautiful places and also browse for future birthday and christmas gift ( Yes I buy all along the year sometime for these specials days !). 

In March I have also made my smallest basket ever for a special occasion. One of my niece turned 4 and I made a pixie house for her with a miniature version of the lupin basket in burgundy colour. 

Spring being very close, it was again the time for sowing seeds. This year I concentrate on tinctorial plants. Unfortunately a bit more than half of my seedling didn’t germinated. But there is some of them having a good start so far : cosmos, dahlias, coreopsis, marigold, woad, calendula. Fingers crossed the sunflowers will make it through the summer. 


April started with the storm Kathleen that litterally burnt down my whole garden. It was a heart breaking view and I avoided my garden for a full month. 

April mark a turn in my year as it is the beginning of the Craft Fair Season and also a busy time for my other job as a Tour Guide. 

The big event to remember was my first exhibition “Changing Island” organised by Open Studio Hebrides. For this 2 months exhibition with other artists I presented 2 embroideries and 2 vessels. 

I don’t have yet the feedback about the footfall and what visitors thought about it, however I was proud to have my work framed and presented as a professional artist.


May has been the quickest of the months this year. I had barely time in my studio and have the feeling I didn’t achieved anything. But by browsing among my photos, in fact I managed to dye a second batch of rope, collect driftwood on the beach, update the online boutique with all the new headbands (30 new colours and patterns). 

It was a delight to be back at the craft fair, I can’t make as much days as I would like but it is so good to see familiar and new faces among the sellers and the visitors. 

Finally I could spared some hours here and there to try the eco-printing techniques…. I don’t say more for now as it is still in the first stage of the creative process and simmering in my mind. Be reassured I will share this at some point ! 


Here we are, already flying from a day to another one with, as always, too much ideas for one month but it doesn’t matter, I see progress, even if very small, this is making me happy and this is the important thing. 

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