Logbook July 2021

Hi there, 

Usually I tell you all what’s happened through the month and list all what I have done, achieved and thought. This time, I'll let you know what my projects are and my goals are for the following weeks. I am always doing something because I have so much ideas and I like to keep myself busy. Reading this, you probably think I never stop and I am always working, doing, making and looking to achieve the next point on my to do list. In fact I am also admiring, enjoying, feeling, smelling, touching, listening in mindfulness. I can achieve a lot in 2 hours and then slow down because that’s what my body and my mind need. It is how I maintain the good balance in my life, how I find inspiration and desire to create. 

Today, with this logbook, it is this part of me I want to unveil. I wrote below some moments in the time, where I was aware with all my senses of the things around me through a weekend in July.



Take my bicycle, Odette, a ride to the coffee shop, The Blue Lobster,

Sit at the window,

Read a book, 

Drink tea,

Eat cake, 

Watch by the window

And smile.


Garden tour 

Say hello to the basil,

Admire their flowers, 

And Smile.


Gary Beach with a friend,

Spread the blanket on the sand, 

Take off my sandals,


Watch the ocean,

Feel the sand between my toes,

Look at the rocks,

Eat a picnic,

Walk in the water,

Admire the sun light dancing on the water and the sand,

And smile. 



Enjoy the perfume of Roses and Lily of the Valley,

And smile


Sit in the garden,

Make a bouquet of flowers, 

Harvest and shell the broad beans,

Observe the birds,

And smile.


Take the dried herbs,

Collect the leaves,

Package them away in labelled boxes,

And smile

I had choice : Think about who and what I didn’t have with me at this time OR be in the moment and be aware about what is beautiful. My life is about choices, from the biggest one, like leave my previous life and follow my dream, to the tiniest one : Im going to drink a cup of tea ! 


Mathilde and the dragons


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  • I couldn’t agree more – I’m reading your blog on my laptop as I sit at the kitchen table drinking a cup of lemon and ginger tea from my favourite mug. I’m watching the birds in my garden as they dine off the feeders and play in the trees above.. and I’m smiling xx


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