Logbook - February 2023


Here is the last article of February and I thought it was a good time to look at what happened these last 2 months and what is coming. A transition as the winter is ending and spring is definitely in the air. Snowdrops, gorses and daffodils are blooming, days are longer… Yes spring is coming !


gorse blooming

In the Studio

After updating and refreshing the online store, I’ve been busy to make stock. The summer season is going to be busy outside my studio. There is the craft fairs, the Open Studio Hebrides event and I have a second job. I am a tour guide and the calendar is full, which means less time for making. Secondary, last year I left aside my garden and the foraging as I was too busy making to refill stocks and prepare my guided visits. After this I hadn’t energy left for gardening. Nothing is better than experience, I am organising my agenda to enjoy every season with what it offers.

Currently, 12 plant dye baskets are available in the collection The Hebridean Dye. In the collection Elegant and Useful it is 31 different templates available. From the small basket you can hold in your hand, to the big one to stock your laundry or your firewood, there is a large choice of sizes and colours. Of course the old collections are still available like the dragons, fairies and the accessories.


shells in a small basket

laundry basket

A secret third Collection

As I announced it in the autumn logbook, I want to develop more than only the baskets. A third collection will be launched this spring, hopefully in March. This collection is about rope but in a more artistic direction. 

portrait on the beach


This winter I restocked my fabric stack to make new headbands. Flowers but also bright colours are au rendez-vous. I hope you will enjoy it as much as me. 

I am currently experimenting plant dye on wood. The first idea is to offer a new product in the shop. I presented it in an article last week, I am making necklaces with plant dyed wooden beads. If I am happy with the result, they will be on sale in a couple of months. 

wooden beads in a plate

necklaces made with wooden beads

wooden beads

More is coming. The incubation started a long time ago (as all my projects) but I should be able this year to present a selection of plant dyed pouches printed with lino or woodblock. News will be available once I have enough material to write an article about it. 

This is quite exciting time for Dragons Are Real and I look forward to show you all of this of course.

Finally, between end of March and early April I am going on the mainland to visit galleries and boutiques interested (hopefully) to stock my products. If you know a place, someone that could be curious and interested to exhibit what I am doing, you can contact me at mathide@dragonsarereal.co.uk

I wish you a good week,

Take Care, 




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