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Logbook December 2020

Hello Friends ! 

Well I don’t know where to start as I have so much in my head. Usually autumn is a quiet season for me, which is a good thing before the excitement of Christmas. But this year is different and unusual.

Indeed, I got a job in a small nursery and I was extra on a movie made here on the isle, based on John Mackay’s book : The Road Dance. It was a very interesting experience to see from inside how a movie is made and watch the whole crew work in harmony. Really, it is impressive to see how many people, the energy, the equipment and the time required to film what will be 30 seconds, 1 or 2 minutes in the movie ! We filmed some scenes from the beginning of the story, also one from the end. I felt so frustrated to see what happened at the end without to know the full story !!! Meanwhile, I found the book the other day, now I have finished it, I would really recommend it! Something also and even better about this experience was to meet new people and make friends. 
So I cross my fingers the movie will be in cinema next year !

This autumn, I initiated the first Hebridean Christmas Box in collaboration with 2 others crafters and an artist from the Isle of Lewis. The idea is to create a nice box handmade by local people and keep secret the details of the contents. The boxes were for pre-order for 3 days on an online store and have been dispatched early December. The idea is to offer a surprise for you or for someone you love for Christmas. Thats why I will reveal the contents Friday 25 December only. People who bought the box knew only that the box contains a bundle of 4 greeting cards, 2 mini soaps, one candle and a timeless paper garland. It was a first experience and I have already ideas for next year !
More, one box has been won on the giveaway I organised on my instagram page.

We are now in advent time and I am excited to go in France and see again my family and my friends as it is such a long time I didn’t see anyone (14 month by now). I love this time of the year and I always take pleasure to make the gifts. It kept me busy lately. Part of these gifts are prototypes for goods I will propose next year in my store.

I have a lot of idea I want to – and will – develop using wood, natural dyed fabrics in addition to the current material. I plan to launch 9 new products. What I can say is there will be kits for craft activities at home, a Birthgift box is also in progress. I focus mainly on children items but 2 surprises are also coming for adults. Or I should write grown up kids…

But the first work of the year 2021 will be to update the website. Indeed, we are working to offer you a better and easier passage through the different sections. And I would like to open my own online shop. It will be more comfortable for you and for me. 
Well It is hard to keep all of this secret but I like surprise people so your patience will be recompensed.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, 

Mathilde and the dragons XX 


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