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That’s it, we have finally arrived the day I reveal what I have been making the past 5 months. The great adventure of making of with rope. During these months of making and thoughts I imagined what would be the best way to show what I am doing. I could say I am making baskets. But for me it is more than this and I see a difference between my products. That’s why I’ve decided to create 3 collections that allow you and me to make the distinguish on how I use the rope, the different techniques and the different purposes of the final object.

Today I introduce : Elegant and Useful 


“Do you make this yourself ?” - “ yes”

“ Is it glued ?” - “ No I sew them with a zig zag stitch with the sewing machine”

“ How do you make this shape ?” - “that, is my little secret”. 


A basket yes but for what ? I have many of my baskets at home and we use them for, hats, scarves, gloves, firewood, keys, cash and empty batteries, potatoes, knitting in progress… 

These baskets are imagined for a daily use all along the year and will last. 

I made my first baskets back in 2015 and they are still regularly used. Since I improved my techniques and use stronger ropes.

Here are some photos of the baskets. The shop will reopen in February where they will be available and also with more colours and sizes available.

This basket is a very large one and is ideal to store aesthetically your peat or firewood next to the stove.

As I said earlier, I use baskets for many purposes at home. These medium and large sizes have been a bestseller since the beginning of Dragons Are Real. They are very handy and chic to store wool, blankets, toys, gloves, etc …

Sometime simplicity is the key for an elegant touch. The bathroom is a practical and essential place in a home so why not pay attention to the decoration and the details ?

Theses baskets will be available 1st February in my online shop. Next Wednesday I introduce the second collection : The Hebridean Dye.

Have a lovely week,


Photos : Ralph Tonge


  • Hello Lorna Crawford,
    My studio is in my home but I am happy to welcome people in. Contact me by email to arrange a meeting. Have a good day, Mathilde

    Dragons Are Real
  • Do you have a studio that I can visit when on Lewis at the beginning of June?
    Would love to see your products .
    Thank you

    Lorna Crawford
  • Beautiful baskets, it will be difficult to choose….

  • Cette collection est vraiment superbe !


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