How Do I Refuel

Hello February,

Days are longer, yet it is still winter and this season is prompt for tiredness sensation. You know like sometime you feel you are like empty? That you do not have energy for anything, despite the long list of projects that you would like to achieve?

It happens to me, regularly and probably because I want to do too much: making, exploring, learning and this “too much” always end the same way: I feel overwhelmed and do nothing. But as say my dad “there isn’t problem, there is only solutions”. This positive motto is a good start to refuel. As I said in the introduction, it is this feeling to feel empty of energy so like a car, when the gauge indicate a low level of fuel, I do not wait to be in the red and here is my Top 5 of “How do I refuel”!

Fresh Air!

The easiest one, the more essential one and I think it works for each of us! Most of my work is taking place in my studio, in my home and I can forget to go outside for 2 days. It is one of the disadvantage to work from home. Even only 30 minutes walking in the neighbourhood do myself good. Or go in town with the bike rather than use the car. Yes it is longer but the sensation are beyond compare. And of course a full day spent outside is a delight. I like to feel the windy air on my skin, I always feel better and refreshed once back at home.

portrait with snow landscape


I am a mere amateur but since last spring I use more and more my camera to photograph details I sense, especially among trees and flowers. I try as I can to catch the drop of rain on a petal, the ephemeral light piercing the canopy…

detail rain drop

light on fern


fern opening

Art Exhibition

Other’s art can be inspiring. At the end of an exhibition I feel I am part of something and I like that. I like to use my work to speak because I am not very good with words. It makes me happy to have this medium as a mean of communication.

Move my body !

How hard it is to get motivation and do exercises. By nature I am not sporty so I have to push myself to dress and do it. And after each session, I feel so much better, stronger, healthier. I got a good balance between fresh air walks, hikes, kayaking and inside activities like fitness and swimming (Yes I swim in a warm swimming pool, the Hebridean waters feel like ice for me!). 

kayaking in the Outer Hebrides

Last but not least: stay away from social media!

They are an interesting space to discover people who share the same interests and hobbies, I also met lovely people who  became friends in the real life. It is a good place to promote my work and there is so much talented people, it is a pleasure to follow them. But it is also a space where I can spent too much time scrolling from a picture to a video and time flies and then I feel drained. So I try to use social media with caution and limit my exploration only to the accounts I follow.

Here was my Top 5 of how I do refuel and I think it is important to not overthink what we need, Often it is just to go outside, breath and observe what is around and look with new eyes. This list can change with time but currently this is what is working for me. Whatever our professional activity, our lifestyle we all need to refuel. Let me know in the comments what is your feel good moment.

In February on the blog I will post:

  • Wednesday 08th : I invite you in my studio to show you one of the essential step of my work.
  • Wednesday 15th: It will be about plant dye on a new material.
  • Wednesday 22nd : A new logbook to conclude winter and plan the coming spring.

Take care,


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  • I admire your commitment to your work and love the baskets especially. Thank you for sharing,


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