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How Do I keep Inspired ?

Today we speak about Inspiration.

I see Inspiration as the main tool of a maker, an artist. I can’t imagine to make something without it, it would be sad I think and also frustrating. I read an article in a magazine about this and asked myself what keep me inspired ? Inspiration is not a gift. Even if I was born with an abundant imagination I look after my inspiration as a worker maintains their equipment. Without equipment/inspiration you can’t work. The following list is entirely participating to my work. If I stopped doing any of these things it would result to blow the idea light bulb!

This is my top 5 list of what keep my inspired:

Pinterest can be a trap as there is so much photos and DIY about everything and in the past I could easily spend 30-45 minutes without interruption. Now I keep Pinterest not to pass time but as a real tool for personal project ( house renovation, gardening, handmade wardrobe, gift ideas, wish list of books) and professional project: details, colours, shapes I spot on a photo. When I have finish a project, I remove a pin or a board. Like this I keep this space practical, quick and visually easy to read. 



In the same idea than Pinterest, my studio must be organised and tidy. I can’t work in an overwhelmed space. The mess send me too much informations and the consequence is I can’t concentrate not even create in this ambiance. It completely discourage my creative process. 


Once I am making a basket, dyeing with plant, sewing a dress, etc … the delight and the pleasure of creating is fully here and I love it. It is very inspirational to try a new technique, a new design, it is quite empowering. I will then of course take time to write all of this on my notebook. Read the lists I do is helpful also to choose which direction I want to take when I start a new day, a new season. 

autumn leaf

Other forms of craft and art are very inspiring. For example when I am knitting a project I am already thinking of next one. Embroidery is an art without limit. Since I am in Scotland I took part of different artist’s workshops and learned about felting and linocuting. They opened new possibilities for me in my artisan journey. But not only the techniques but because of the people I met and with who I shared these explorations. Others are inspiring.

knitting in progress

It is a very coorie aspect of Scottish life : meet relatives, friends, unknown person around a cup of tea at home, at work or in a coffeeshop. I am a solitary person, my quiet home and studio are essential for me. I can spend many days without seeing anyone and on purpose because I need to refuel. In another hand I appreciate my little dose of human contact every week. I’ve been inspired by customers, friends, artists, family, all the people who support me in my work and in my life, who care for me who are in an honest and positive attitude with me and I hope me for them. All these beautiful energies are invaluable.

And you ? What keep you inspired ?  

A good hot chocolate


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