Hebridean Sea Shore Basket

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved sewing. Yes you know this girl now… And you also know she had lot of ideas for projects, and one life wouldn’t be enough to complete them all…
This spring, mother nature was very generous and the girl went for walks to harvest for her dyeing and herbalism projects. For this purpose she needed a large and traditional shaped basket. It is how she imagined the Hebridean Sea Shore basket.

A long and large oval basket with 2 big handles for good support. It is made with a strong weaved cotton rope, reinforced with nylon cord inside. This reinforcement insures to maintain a good shape and to support and protect the contents.

It is named the Hebridean Sea Shore Basket after the shades of blue, grey and green you can always see on the Hebridean beaches, whatever the weather.

The girls used it for harvesting but it was also a perfect basket to carry a blanket and picnic dishes for a peaceful time on the beach or in the woods with friends and family.

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