Fairies of Flowers

Last time I told you the story about the girl who believed in fairies. Do you remember ? She could feel their presence in the woods. But you must know she was also able to feel them among flowers. Fairies of Woods and fairies of Flowers are very similar in their character - I encourage you to read the previous post about the fairies. They like to meet each other and share their knowledge, their skills, and help out. Fairies of woods and of flowers live in harmony. Usually you can find tell tail signs that a fairy of the wood is nearby, however fairies of flowers are more discrete. They are so light you can barely suspect their presence. Sometimes, when the sky is clear and there isn’t a touch of wind, you can see the flowers move as if there was a breeze. It is probably the passage of a fairy, but when you realise it… its too late. We call it the fairy imprint. You have noticed that the absence of wind in Scotland is as good as a legend ! No one would trust you if you said you saw a fairy imprint in flowers ! However, stay confident about what you saw, it is real !

Today I introduce you the Fairies of flowers who are smaller than their cousins from the woods but with larger wings:

Cardamine the Fairy

Pensée the Fairy

Anagallis the Fairy

Adonis the Fairy

Corydalis the Fairy


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