Fairies Are Real Too

Once upon a time there was a girl who believed in fairies. As dragons, she knew they were real, living in the human world but invisible from their sight. She could feel their presence, especially in the woods.

Fairies are very discrete so you have few chances to see them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Sometimes you can see some marks, a door like hole at the foot of a tree, branches placed to make shelter, rocks placed in a stream to make a pool. They are the keepers of nature, protecting all what is good, knowing every animal and plant and living in peace all together. Fairies are kind beings and take care of everyone. In some old grimoires, you can also read that some of them can grant your vows. They live in large and different families : Fairies of the Flowers, Fairies of the Seasons, Fairies of the Woods.

Today I introduce you to 5 Fairies of The Woods. Each of them is linked to a tree:

Dara is the keeper of the Oaks

Elowen is the keeper of the Elm

Colan is the keeper of the Hazel tree

Iobhar is the keeper of the Yew

Gwern is the keeper of the Alder

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