Eliza and Chusi the Flower Dragon

Hello Everyone, 

Today Lucy, tell you the beautiful story of how her daughter Eliza learned to train her dragon Chusi !

Dragon flowers are sociable Dragons, they love nothing better than spending time hiding amongst some flowers.

Once you find your dragon…

Be patient, take your time, stay calm, flower dragons will only attack if you pick the flowers.

Introduce yourself, allow your dragon to investigate you, keep doing this until you have gained its trust.

Once caught, show your dragon a leash is nothing to fear.

First lesson, being able to sit calmly on the lead.

Taking ones time is the best approach.

Next lesson, stay! Work closely first, using a 'mark' is helpful.

Then start working on distance.

Dragons love Treats!! Lots and lots of treats!


Next up, training a solid 'Leave' command, always good for when your dragon has a habit of snacking on the farmers sheep…

Rewarding good behaviour makes for a good dragon.

If a dragon is unsure of the treats, reassure by eating the treats too.

Next important lesson, lie down, essential for vet visits, a well behaved dragon will be welcomed in more places.

Intermediate training...shoulder riding. Please be aware some dragons are too big to do this with!

Advanced training - teaching your dragon to fly!

Hand touch in flight, extremely difficult manoeuvre, good to keep your dragon close when asked.

Always be ready to catch an incoming dragon!


Main ingredient in dragon training, lots and lots of love.

When you have a dragons trust you've always got someone to watch your back.

A dragon is great for protection.

Dragons make great playpals.

Dragons love baskets and building bricks!

And once in a while when your dragon is very comfortable they'll give you their treasure!

As flower dragons lay Gold eggs!

I hope you liked this story as I love it. I invite you to send me your dragon story and I will share it here and on Instagram. 


Have a nice weekend, 

Mathilde & the dragons. 


  • What a beautiful narrative to a lovely set of photographs. Thank you so much for sharing. Really made us smile. X

  • What a beautiful narrative with such thought and love. Thank you for sharing x

  • What a colourful, creative story – it has inspired me to want to write a story too. But first I need a dragon of my own… Mathilde, I’ll be in touch!


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