Dragons Chapter 3

Hi there,

The dragon family welcomed 5 new babies in the upcycled collection ! Let me to present them to you !

My name is Tynam, which means « grey ». I love eating chocolate and chatting with butterflies.
My dream is to fly in Amazon Forest with its colorful birds.

My name is Quinn, which means « intelligent ». I love Lego construction and to imagine stories.
My dream is to fly in China to see the Great Wall.

My name is Aodhnait, which means « fire ». I love painting and creating mandala.
My dream is to fly in the dark night and touch the stars.

My name is Bahy, which means « flower ». I love roses and dahlias, they are so beautiful.
My dream is to fly in Iceland and swim in Mytvan Lake.

My name is Buàdnat, which means « victorious lady ». I love to climb at the top of the mountains and observe the sky.
My dream is to fly above the clouds and faster than the planes.

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