Dragons Chapter 2

Today I tell you about a new adventure of Drekinn the Dragon.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was very interested in artisan works. Among all she discovered, in the heart of her birthplace, Kahobas. She was immediately taken with the beautiful handprinted cloth. For many months she thought again and again about the Kahobas fabrics. One day, while she was buying a handbag made by the mysterious Kahobas, she met Charlotte.

Charlotte is the two hands, the mind full of ideas, and the good soul hidden behind the sweet name of Kahobas. Both women chatted, and quickly became aware that they shared the same values about their jobs. The young girl decided to develop a partnership with Kahobas.

After many emails and a meeting, the young girl sent an old linen sheet that Charlotte turned into twelve handprinted colourful remnants.

It is with these that the young girl gave birth to four new dragons : Fràech, Aoife, Lula, Odhran.

They are 100% made with linen from old sheet which deserved a post on their own right. Stay connected ! The patterns are drew and hand printed with oeko-tex pigment, in Jura (France).

My name is Fràech which means « heather ». I love eating honey on toast, with butter.
My dream is to fly until China and meet my cousins.

My name is Aoife which means « radiant ». I love reading adventure tales with a good cup of tea.
My dream is to fly all around the world and discover unknown places.

My name is Lula, which means « shinning ». I love lotus flowers and race with my friends.
My dream is to fly as far as an eagle.

My name is Odhran, which means « dark-haired ». I love playing with deer on the isle of Lewis.
My dream is to fly in Iceland and see the volcano on fire.


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