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Once upon a time, there was a little girl… well, no, a big (grown up) girl who loved the hidden people and, especially, the Dragons ! She lived in a beautiful land with lakes and enchanting forests. There, where the winters are long and summers are bright. There, where the snow covers the mountains with a white coat… Yes this place is called Jura and it’s in France. Often, the girl went for walks in these beautiful forests to meet those marvellous beings which filled up pages of her grimoires. The most mysterious and the best hidden was the dragon. No matter how hard she tried, she always went back at home empty-handed.

As she couldn’t find and meet a real dragon, she decided to create one. She rummaged through her studio to find the best material. At this time it was just a mere table, with a sewing basket, a sewing machine, a model, and 4 shoes boxes filled with fabrics. It was a long time ago.

After a few tests… Drekinn, the first dragon was born.

Drekinn is soft and loving. Always smiley, I want to hug him and bring him everywhere. He is the perfect playfellow to live great adventures. I loved to make each of his little brothers and sisters. Drekinn is one of my favourite projects of the last 10 years. I like to imagine each of them with a new friend and a new house ready to adopt them.



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