Bib Lola

Once upon a time, was a little girl called Lola. When her teeth started to grow, she suffered and couldn’t stop to dribble. Poor Lola, wearing a bib was the only solution to avoid wetting her clothes.

If you read the previous post about the teething ring (If not, here is the link), you will remember that growing teeth is a painful and uncomfortable experience for babies. And usually its coupled with a lot of dribble.
Also the bib is an essential accessory for a baby’s wardrobe to protect clothes and the skin beneith.

For this I sew a colorful bib. First the fastening is made with a pressed stud positioned to the side to facilitate the fitting. Indeed, it is not always easy to close a bib behind the neck when baby has long hair or is too young to hold their head. They are made up with two different fabrics. On one side there is a fabric with good absorbing properties and on the other side a fabric with a fine touch: stars, fruits, flowers, animals… make your choice.


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