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Basket Oregano


Today I do not speak about plant dye but still about rope. This year I got some custom orders. It is quite new for me and I am happy I opened this option in my studio. Clients have their part in my creativity. It can be following a conversation where you are suggesting something or a word has been said and my brain transforms it to an idea for a new project.

This time it is a bit different. I met my customers during the Artisan Fair with Open Studio Hebrides in September 2023. I could see they were hesitating about the basket Rosemary. I approached them and informed them that I was happy to answer all of their questions about my work and suggest I could make a bespoke basket if the selection displayed this day missed what they really wanted.

It opened the custom order book. The idea was to have a basket very similar of the Rosemary design, the same colour but 5 cm shorter in the heigh and the diameter. They also asked me if I was making basket with lid. Indeed I made some 3 years ago, at this time with plant dyed cotton rope but on much smaller scales.

This request was a good coincidence as I was already working on some new designs for 2024 including baskets with lids.

I am happy now to present the basket Oregano. It measures 35cm in height and a diameter of 33cm with the lid (About 31cm without it). Let me know if you are interested to purchase one. 


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