Basket 60

Would you like to know a new story about the baskets ? No, ok so don’t read what follows. Yes ? Ok, I will tell you …

… Once upon a time there was a girl who loved sewing. Yes you know this girl now… And you also know she had lot of ideas for projects, and one life wouldn’t be enough to complete them all… But today I tell you about one she had.

After making many different Basket47’s, she created another basket, the basket60… It was a basket that was more elegant, stylish and easier to hold but still useful.

It was a basket with a wooden button to close it.

It was a basket with two long handles to hold it easily on one shoulder.

It was a basket with plenty of space to keep your essential items (wallet, sunglasses, tissues, phone, pen, notebook, etc.).

It was the perfect basket for summer season !


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