Basket 47

Once upon a time was a girl who loved creating, crafting and beyond all of this, sewing. She loved sewing so much, everyone gave her fabrics, threads, ribbons, buttons and things. People were very generous with her and were pleased to know she could offer a new life of these old treasures from the attic.

She spent most of her time imagining how she could transform all of these things.

However, one day came where she couldn’t sit at her desk anymore, or walk to the cupboard. The studio was overflowing with all of this stuff.

What to do?

How to use all of this?

Most of the materials were too small, too hard or too old-fashioned to make clothes with. But she was determined to use them and give them a new purpose.

In July 2015, she had sewn two bowls with up-cycled fabrics and ropes. Later, in October of the same year she had sewn her first basket with cotton rope and colourful threads. So happy about her basket, she decided to offer a small one for her niece to complete her tea-set. She also made a very big one for her dad.

We are now in 2020 and the girl always uses her basket and loves the idea other peoples would be pleased to use them as she does.

I always have my basket with me:

  • to carry books from the library ;
  • carry binoculars to observe birds (the wildlife is so beautiful on the western isles) ;
  • my lunch box ;
  • a knitting project in progress ;
  • a reusable bottle of water ;
  • to collect shellfish, sticks, stones I find while my walks ;
  • etc…

And you? What for would you use your Dragon’s Basket?


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