Baby Cloth-Wipes

Once upon a time there was a woman who was an Early Year Educator. She worked in nursery. And in every nursery there is a bathroom to change babies. In every nursery where she worked, the staff used reusable flannel, water and soap to wash babie’s bottom’s before putting on a clean comfortable nappy. It was a simple, economic, ecologic and clean way to proceed. Beyond the well-being of children, the woman was concerned about environment and how to preserve it, even though reusable flannels were used in nurserys, she was aware that most families at home used baby wipes.

Baby-wipes are easy to use and often smell good. Unfortunately they are not eco-friendly and not healthy. They are filled with products that are not good for the skin and create wastes because they are not recyclable.

The alternative is to use reusable cloth wipes. About 40 cloth wipes are required to insure rotation between 2 washing. Used with water and soap they make a good job of cleaning the skin.

After using these cloth wipes, I have found the best design is with 2 layers of fabric.

One side is made with cotton flannel or cotton waffle (to do the wiping), and the other side is made with a cotton fabric (added for an extra layer of protection from all the “you know what”).


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