A New Sewing Machine !


A new sewing machine has arrived in my studio ! In my last logbook published in September, I finished my article with this photo:

Me making basket with my small sewing machine

You can see the back of my domestic sewing machine I bought 3 years ago. With my partner we fully integrated it in my working deck we designed and made. This machine is quite similar to the one I had in France. For most that 10 years I happily sewn on a simple sewing machine and it worked very well for me. I knew it would be too much to use it for professional purpose. I also knew it would be enough until I could figured out where my activity would take me.

My dear Brother sewing machine has now become too tired and is not good enough anymore to sew rope to a good standard. I knew this moment would happen where I would need to make researches to upgrade my studio for a new one.

I will pass the research times and delicate task about how to choose a sewing machine and tell you what I got (if you are interested about this, you can leave a comment below and I will answer it). It arrived at home about 10 days ago ! What an exciting moment. It was supposed to arrive few days later but I got this surprise at 9 o’clock, a Friday morning. I was more excited than a child during Christmas ! And I love Christmas ! It was delivered on a beautiful blue pallet. Yes, on a pallet because this one weight 32 kgs and the machine is integrated to a table

A couple of days before I suddenly realised that I hadn’t the room for my new sewing machine. I mentally rethought all the lay out to find a solution without to get rid of one of my furniture. We finally managed a very simple decision : move the big deck about 30 cm in a corner and… it works !

I am very happy to show you my new Industrial Sewing Machine Jack 20U-93Z !!!

Industrial Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Foot

Detail thread reel

scissors and bobbins

Isn’t it beautiful ? Yes it is !

The first purpose of this machine is to sew baskets with a regular zig zag stitch which it does amazingly well. It is also able to do straight stitches. To go from my domestic machine to this industrial one is like to drive a small basic city car to a Ferrari. Everything is smoother, easier, faster (I can sew 2500 stitches per minute !). I also have a better control of what I am doing. In one word : delightful !

me making a basket

me making a basket

me making a big basket

Of course learning to use such a sewing machine requires time and tests and experimentations. Currently I am testing my old designed to see how does it work on this sewing machine and new ones to be released in early 2023. I am still making adjustment to reach the quality I want to offer with my products (type of ropes, quality of the thread, etc ...). With this sewing machine I can make reality of a lot of my ideas and I can’t wait to reveal all of this. But I will ask you to be a bit more patient, meanwhile I will try to drop some details here and there.

detail basket

detail basket

detail basket

Have a lovely evening,

Take care,

Mathilde & the dragons.  


  • Encore de belles créations en devenir !
    Bon courage

  • Toujours du bel ouvrage … félicitations à toi !

    Anne PIARD
  • This looks like a beast of a machine! I wish you both long and happy years of sewing together :)


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