Welcome to Dragons Are Real. I hope you enjoy the visit :)

What is Dragons Are RealĀ® ?

It is Mathilde’s play area. With Dragons Are RealĀ® I sew goods mainly with upcylcled and organic fabrics. As much as possible from european sources. Sometimes I use other materials like paper or ropes.
I create from my experiences and my convictions. In this way, every product responds to one or many of the following criteria:

Ethical and Eco-friendly

I use second hand materials and/or materials made in sustainable conditions for environment and human being. I opt for local traders, artisans, sellers in the town where I live, in the UK and in Europe. For every product you will be informed about the origin of materials I used to make it. Sometimes I do use materials that are from elsewhere in the world, simply because they aren’t made in Europe (for example : cotton fibre).

Fine and Useful object

It is very important for me to offer fine and useful products for daily life. They are results of researches, tests I have done these lasts few years to answer my needs and also my family and my friends. Also I like make things timeless and lasting.

Children Material

Strong with my experience as Early Years Educator, I am convinced that the material of game is an essential thing for child development. Following the example of Maria Montessori, it must be interesting and pleasant to waken a child’s curiosity. An unsightly and/or broken toy can not satisfy the curiosity and the experience needs of a child.

Who is Mathilde ?

I am a 31 years old french woman, living on the isle of Lewis in Scotland.
For almost 10 years I worked with children under 5 in different nurseries and institutions, first as apprentice, then Early Years Educator and Director. In my spare time I travelled in Scotland or spent time in my studio making, creating, sewing, imagining.